Sporting Events


Sporting Events

Our LED Video Screen is the perfect JumboTron for your sporting event! Not only can we display live information such as scoring, timing and stats, but we can also provide a live video feed to the audience of exactly what's happening.

Doing a night time event? No problem, we offer flood lights for any size sporting event, rain or shine!


Fashion Shows


Fashion Shows

Getting the proper lighting at your fashion show can mean the difference between thousands of bad pictures, mad photographers, designers, and stylists, versus taking your event to the next level. At Full Color Productions, we work hard with event staff to get all the colors and angles perfect.

We also offer an LED Video Screen, the latest craze in the fashion show and runway industry. We can display mesmerizing and capturing videos, designer logos, sponsors, or real time footage of the runway!


Theater, ballet & tap dance


Theater, Ballet & Tap Dance

Whether you're putting on a Broadway Musical, or The Nutcracker, over lighting or under lighting the event can ruin the whole show. No matter the design, Full Color Productions will make your dream a reality. From deep sea effects to getting the perfect shadowing, we will make your event stand out far and away past the competition.