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Full Color Productions is a company built on concert lighting. Our philosophy? Affordable shows with uncompromising quality. We offer ready-to-go lighting packages, the preferred choice for artists on a time constraint, touring artists, or artists on a budget. We also offer custom designed lighting and stage designs. This is perfect for artists who are headlining, or have long changeovers. Whether it's our ready-to-go package or a custom designed show, our lights will not only illuminate the performers, but enhance the environment and experience for the audience. The result? More return ticket sales.

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Lighting is only second best to sound. As they say - you can't go home humming a light show. It's absolutely crucial to have a sound system that is not only appropriately loud enough for the event, but also clear enough. We have the correct sound system for your event - no matter the size - and our skilled staff provide precise and perfect mixes whether you're a mariachi band or a metal band.

We also offer in ear monitor packages and rentals for artists who struggle to hear themselves on stage.

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LED Video Wall

LED video walls are among the newest and coolest technology in the production industry. This generally means you're looking at somewhere in the thousand(s) dollar price range to get one set up and operated. Not anymore- with Full Color Productions, our motto has always been to provide a top notch service with industry standard equipment - at a fraction of the cost. We've carried that through to our video wall. For the first time, a video wall is available for growing and touring artists, including setup, tear down, and a highly skilled VJ including over 10,000 videos to choose from. Let us transform your event from a great sounding concert to an amazing visual experience.

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Flying in for a one-off? Doing a music video and your 1x12 just isn't cutting it? Whatever the reason, we've got you covered. From amps to combos to keyboards, we've got you and your equipment needs covered. We can provide walls of amps to make you look like Slayer, or we can provide botique hard to find equipment for your studio day. 

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What's the biggest or coolest concert you've ever seen? Was the stage flat? Probably not. With our different sizes of stage risers, not only can we build the entire stage for your event, but we can actually build different tiers on that stage including stairs, ramps, bridges or anything else you can imagine. Adding depth and dimension to your stage will take your event from a 6 to a 10. 


Also check out our Jump Boxes - A small illuminating riser for performers to stand on. The catch? They light up when stood on.