Sound Systems

Full Color Productions has the perfect sound system for your event.  Our JBL PRX sound system is perfect for your wedding, cooperate event, or party. Full Color Productions can also provide some of the most advanced line array's on the market, Including JBL VTX, JBL VRX, and QSC KLA series. Contact us now for a quote on a full sound system.



We can provide industry standard mixers to fit your every need. Available mixers include Behringer x32 W/ iPad, Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2, and Allen and Heath QU-24. We also have smaller analog mixers that are perfect for playing an ipod at a party, or running an individual In Ear monitor setup.



A wide variety of microphones are available for rental from Full Color Productions. Our inventory list includes Sm57, SM58, SM81, beta 51, Beta 52, E604, e609, and many more!


Our wireless systems include Shure SLx and GLX  SM58 handheld wireless microphone, Audio Techna 3000 handheld wireless microphone, Shure ULXd4d Dual wireless mic and reciever, and many more!


IN Ear Monitors

We have a number of wireless in ear monitor systems available for rental. contact us for rates. Available systems include Senheiser G3, Shure PSM 400, Shure PSM 600 and More! All In ear monitor units come with new headphone tips.