Lighting is a crucial part to any performance, not just to illuminate performers, but to enhance the audience's experience. Full Color productions' shows maintain uncompromising quality while keeping rates Affordable for bands of all sizes. Shows start as low as $150. Inquire now!


Full Color productions is equipped with the most up to date and modern lights on the market. Contact us and we'll be sure to provide the most cost effective lighting solution, without compromising visual quality. Our inventory Includes:

  • Martin 5x5 Strobes

  • Chauvet Rogue R2 Beams

  • Martin MH2 Wash

  • American DJ Rxone 1r beams

  • Chauvet Geysers

  • Mega Lite XS 300 watt LED strobes 

  • Chauvet Intimidator 350 Beams

  • Blizzard RGB Lasers

  • American DJ COB cannon led par cans

  • American DJ 800 watt conventional strobes

  • Chauvet intimidator 100 spots

We can also include in our lighting packages:

  • Martin MAC 101

  • Martin Atomic 3000

  • Clay Paky Sharpy

  • LED Video screens

  • Chauvet Vesuvio

     ...And much more!!



FCP Pricing sheet P2.jpg
FCP Pricing sheet p?.jpg

We also offer lighting for venues and promoters for a full night package. Special event like a wedding, CORPORATE event, or party? Contact us now for special pricing.